Deep Into The Water
Every album requires one song that brings forth all the others, for me this is the song.

I Will Follow
A great deal of my life is observed from the back porch of my old house.
New coat of paint,
new wind blowing,
new spirit …

Please Please Me
The night before we started recording Andrew asked me to do this song.
I looked puzzled as he moved his hand back and forth indicating the rhythm and then turned away.
The next morning he struck up the band and it was a revelation.

Harper’s Ferry
Based on the Irish who came over to the U.S. and ended up fighting each other in the Civil War.

Hungry Heart
A song that I started singing a few years ago.
A simple song about simple needs.
“everybody needs a place to rest”

Ancient Highway
A fictional account of a man and his struggle to be a good husband and father.
Often we discover ourselves when looking at others.

Teach Me Tonight
Another of Andrew’s strange and wonderful song choices.

Beggar’s Harbour
A song of regret
And rejoice

The third recording of this song.
Between sleep and waking
There is love…

Young Man Walking
A young Afghani man.

Spanish Harlem
Andrew sent me a copy of Phil Spector performing this song solo on an out of tune guitar.
It was a beautiful version of the song.
I tried to do my best to capture that.