Wyckham Porteous' Guest Book

John Fradley of , England
'A Kiss To Build A Dream On' from the film War Bride. Simply the finest version I have ever heard during the last 50 yrs. You reside with the elite ... thank you.
Geraldine and Nick Connor of Manchester, England
Wyck it was a privilege to see your interpretation of Orwell's Animal Farm at Edinburgh Fringe. I will be first in line to see the full performance when this goes live. Please contact us if you are ever in Manchester
Andrea of Newcastle, England
Still have the CD bought when you toured the UK years ago. And still it is un-playablable after you signed it with a biro rather than a sharpie. Such a pity
David Simpson of Australia
Still listening and loving your stuff all the way down under in Melbourne. Can't wait for your next opus. You may be in BC but you're global...and don't forget it!
Roger Lymn of Nottingham, England
Hi Wyckham Been 'hammering' Looking for Ground for a decade......... It still just blows me away!!! When you comin' to the Uk Been waiting far too long!!! Best Regards Rog
sharon of British Columbia, Canada
Hello Wyck. I went to school in Ocean Park with you and Kitty. So very proud of knowing a schoolmate that has risen to the heights that many had hoped for~enjoy your music...cheers!
Wayne Paul Liles of Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Twenty years ago I was Looking for Ground when I found your album. Lots of things have happened to me since then. Never thought I'd be looking for ground again, but I am. I'm ready to hear how your journey has been since then. Your tunes are great. A kindred spirit. The poets job is to find the words for those who can't find them for themselves.You're a master at that! Thank you.
Robert Alexander of Malibu, CA, USA
I got turned on to your music by my friend Moris Tepper. I really like your work and wish you the best of luck. Keep cranking it out. Thanks.
Danny of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
So disappointed. Keep checking website for news of a tour that might include Calgary.....but nothing. Would very much enjoy opportunity to experience live!!
Colleen Mitchell White of Vancouver/Vancouver Island, Canada
Popped in to check ya out! Great site... :)
Robb Houser of Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA
"3AM" arrived yesterday. I haven't been able to stop playing it. Great new songs from Wyckham combined with the amazing choices and renditions of Lennon & McCartney, Springsteen, Sammy Cahn, and Spector. Thank you Wyckham. And thank you Andrew Loog Oldham.
Amanda of Northwest Territories, Canada
Hi Wyckham, I first heard you sing during the "Cowboys, Truck Drivers, and Pain" collaboration at the Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife. Your singing was so honest; thank you for your music. I'm sure you get a lot of entries here, however I would love to know the name of the last song you sang. It moved me so much and I can't seem to locate it. One of the lyrics involved a voice coming from the "bank on the northern side." Thank you! Amanda
Mike Worgan of East in the Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyck. Just sitting here having an old timer's moment and listening to some Doug&Slugs, lamenting Mr Bennett's passing. Then I saw your name on his memorial paper and had a major Vuja-day moment thinking about high school. Soooo... given that I've been on a different path than you for 30 odd years, just thought I'd say hello and it's nice to have come across your name again. Most of us always knew you'd both define and then excel at whatever you cared about, so good on ya... all the best. Mike Worgan (one of the army cadet guys at Semi... but more normal)
Arlette Alcock of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Wyck so good to hear you at the Yale, of course I didnt have any kleenex and you know your songs Always make me cry, they are just SO GOOD. It was also good to see you again, my old friend, much love, arlette
Dan Cescon of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
3AM, Hungry Heart, Please Please Me, Deep Into the Water.......can't get enough of them.
Ron Taylor-Eves of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyck, have you forgotten your roots or WTF. I imaging that you will remove this from your true capitalist motivations. I call you on them as you seem to good, proud or whatever to reply to objective critisism. I have even tried on Facebook to just engage you in simple friendly chat that it seems you have declined. Cal Beach by the way has passed on, and despite him donating to you grad from high school at Semiahmoo you seem so proud to reconnect with your roots. If you do not get off your ass and improve your attitude I will start a web page that focuses on your lack of compassion for those who have supported you over the years. I am so very disappointed in you Wyck for what ever reason you have decided to ignore those from your past. You will never acccel and realize your ability in the future if you continue in such a vien towards others. Wishing you the very best. Ron
Ed: thanks for your comments Ron. I don't know how Wyckham will respond to them, but I, for one, am disappointed in you. Your rant is totally out of place. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy supporting Wyckham again in the future.
Patty Osborne of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Loved your BOP sets at the Vancouver Folk Festival and thought you might like to read my comments at http://geist.com/blogs/pattyo/2009/07/vancouver-folk-music-festival-revisited. If you don't want to read the whole thing (sorry for the length but I had so much to say...), scroll down to the last screen for my take on your and your pals.
Jen Lock of Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada
I may have been your English teacher at White Rock Junior Sec. School. I remember a cool little guy who enjoyed helping with the teaching, second name Wyckham
Brian W. Groome of British Columbia, Canada
The same BWG from Malaspina days, squawking at the Crow and Gate. If you get to read this drop me a note. I believe my daughter talked to you when she was at Emily Carr. Cheers for now. Brian
Mike of British Columbia, Canada
The Harrison Lake concert was great!
Margan of South Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
ooooh weeee....lucky me...just heard you with BOP at the Dream April 2 09! Bought both 3 AM and BOP's first CD...a good start. Thanks for the remembery; it was an awesome night!!!
Kip Luce of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi Wyckham, I saw you recently with BOP in Saskatoon, loved the show, and bought the "U 'R' Buddha" disc from you. I enjoy the songs, but the disc has 7 not so much skips as zaps of white noise-sonic imperfections in tracks 2 and 3. Since I couldn't find a way to contact you directly I thought I'd let you know here. Would you swap the disc with me for a clean copy? Thanks, Kip
James Schwartz of Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Wick, I heard the interview this Sunday morning on CBC Radio. It was good to hear your voice. I had been made aware this spring by Dave P. that you had an album out...in fact he played it, but I only recently got a computer and have joined your "fan" page. You sounded great. From James
Phil Bourgeois of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Today I am going through a almost forgotten drawer full of CDs to rip some songs onto a new Mp3 player to listen to at work...makes things a little easier to deal with. When I come across a CD by a guy with a really strange name. The name of the CD is "In this world". Truth is, I don't remember buying this CD...nor do I remember it being given to me! I'm a lifelong Blues cat with a soft spot for rock'a'billy and roots rock. I fugure 'what the heck' and drop the CD into my computer's tray. And my jaw drops!! Why haven't I heard of this cat before?!

Long story short...I spent the entire night at work listening to this CD over and over and over...

Wyckham...you've got a new fan!! I'll be hitting the CD/record stores to see what I can find. I LOVE this CD!!

Roger Kirkpatrick of Abilene, Texas, USA
I play drums for SLIM CHANCE & THE SURVIVORS, and I turned my bandmates on to your great music. I love your song, HARPER'S FERRY.
Bob Springer of Swift Current, SK, Canada
Hey just heard one of your tunes on CBC Radio 2 songwriters and really enjoyed the quality of your voice and great sound. Recently moved to Vancouver and will be looking for ops to see you live.
Lone Jednorog of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hello Wyckham, It's Lone(a) Svensson here. We went to Junior High and High School together in White Rock. Susan Svensson my sister says hi as well. You and she were in a play together in the White Rock Players Theatre. Lived in Calgary forever, have the gem of a radio station CKUA and there you were; Wyckham Porteous. Thought...I know that name and sure enough went to your website and there you were. Looking very much like you did back in school. Have ordered your CD and cann't wait to listen to it. Sandy Cooper, Rob Towers, names I have not heard of forever. Cheers, Lone(a) Svensson
John Leishman of Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hey man, how you doing? How about coming across to play in Aberdeen in Scotland. It would be just great to hear you live. I am sure you would get a great reception. Thanks for your music, you are truly gifted and were at the front of the line when god gave out the singing voices. Thanks and take care, John Leishman
Greg & Dawn of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Sure glad that we got last minute tickets on Saturday night at the Legion. The show was a knock-out!!!Great mix of music and musicianship. We see lots of live music shows and this was the best of the year. Nice to see Del playing with you guys. Looking forward to seeing you all again. CD forthcoming??
Mike of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Saturday night's concert with the SBN was awesome!! Looking forward to the new album and seeing the band again soon!! Do you know when CBC will be playing the concert? Thanks again for a great night of music!
Jim Foston of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyckham, I had the good fortune, under statement, to see SBN at the Crescent Beach Legion tonight. Your music is incredible and I can't wait to start buying CDs. Every song was great. The bands personality is great. Man, I'm going enjoy watching you guys succeed! You will see more of me in you audiences. WOW!!! Jim
Ron of Surrey, Canada
Hey Wyck, I was under the impression that you were performing at the Crescent Beach legion on Oct 18th, 2008. Please advise where we can take in your appearance. Ron Eves-Taylor Ron.eves@live.ca
Les Mc Laughlin of Luton, England
that's some voice and i love the haunting lyrics and tunes.thank you very much
JW Seydel of Muscatine, Iowa, USA
Wyckams music fits into the timeless section I would think !! It's hard to put a label on tallent!!
Tim C Palmer of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
Good to see you on the drive last weekend of May. It has been tooo many years turning like the poems and lyrics of your book. Hope the writing w/ Bob is creation plus. PS I worked w/ Douglas on home renovations in Vic Feb/Mar
Slim Chance & the Survivors of Abilene, Texas, USA
Your songwriting is a breath of fresh air, sir. We are a band in West Texas which performs the sort of songs you write and will be adding some of your songs to our repertoire...like Harper's Ferry! www.myspace.com/slimchancethesurvivors
Butch & Sue of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyckham, Saw you for the first time at the Elk's Club in White Rock Jun 7/08. You were an unexpected surprise opening for Ridley Bent. We're great Ridley fans but honestly, you stole the show! We are so glad to have discovered you and now form part of your fan base. ....Keep on telling your stories!
Dave Prentice of Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyck. Was just told about your website. Look forward to hearing your new album. Missed you at Riske Creek. Didn't even know you were in this neck of the woods until the newspaper story afterwards. Give me a shout if you're ever back! I still play some of the songs you wrote back in the White Rock - Saltspring days. Be fun to play them together again!
Brian & Pam from Songwriters Circle on CHLY fm of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Enjoying 3 am as we spotlight it on todays program. Keep the music coming!!
Allan Mather of British Columbia, Canada
Hey Wyck, just got back to Canada, and am sick with a bad cold, and was channel surfing this am and caught you on TV!! What a trip! I will order your new album, and am looking forward to hearing some lovely new tunes of yours. Hope all is well with you both, cheers mate, Allan
Nancy Baker of Denzil, Saskatchewan, Canada
Living in some isolation on the Prairies I might not have had the opportunity to hear your music. I grew up around Vancouver, and fortunately watch B.C. Global Morning News faithfully every day. I enjoyed being introduced to your music this a.m., and I'm very much looking forward to receiving your new CD in the mail! Thanks!
Garry of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Heard your song "Deep Into the Water" on GLOBAL this AM. Very nice work - has a Leonard Cohen flavour to it.
Rick M of Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Just caught your act on Global Morning News. Very nice stuff indeed. I think I'll add your stuff to my collection.
Wyckham Porteous of East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The disc is out and getting great reviews! I am very anxious to start touring and singing and meeting people that listen to my music. Peace in Tibet and all other troubled places in our world.
Lee Zimmerman of Miami, Florida, USA
Hi Wyckham - hope this gets to you - I'm a writer/reviewer for several Stateside publications - among them - Performing Songwriter, New Times, Goldmine, CBS Watch and Amplifier - I've written you up in the past and now I understand you have a new release - so I would love the opportunity to review it as well Would you mind sending me a copy for this purpose? Please respond so I can plan accordingly Thanks so much Lee Zimmerman Performing Songwriter, New Times, Goldmine, CBS Watch, Amplifier 11037 S.W. 138 Place Miami, FL 33186 USA
Steve Nicholson of Mitchell, Ontario, Canada
Wyckham, it's Stevey Nicholson here from Smoothcrete. It's been a while my friend. Stopping by anytime soon?! Keep in touch. I hear yah have a new cd coming out. Ps, Do you want to come play here? Just like old times! Keep In Touch
Tim Heemskerk of Den Haag, Holland
I remember getting Looking For Ground after reading amazing reviews in Dutch press. Not one song was disappointing and the album is still one of my favorites in a 2000 piece collection. I've been waiting for new albums ever since and now I found a copy of 3 AM (one of my favorite songs) and found out you're alive and kicking. This summer I will move to the States. You are definitely on my shortlist of acts I wanna catch while I'm there. Hope to see you on stage!
Dave Burnett of St. Andrews, Scotland
I bought 3am on the strength of hearing 'Please Please Me'. I've been buying music since 1958 and I can count on one hand whole albums I love to listen to all the way through without skipping a track. The Buddy Holly Story and The Beach Boys,Pet Sounds are just two. Wyckham,'3am' is now included in my list of whole albums. The Phil Spector song at the close just makes it great with your own songs and the other covers.The best album so far of the 21st century. Best wishes from Bonnie Scotland in the U.K. Dave
Chris Butterworth of British Columbia, Canada
Chris, the working class hero, here. I haven't seen any new product from you in a while. What, are you retired or something? I sent you some of your very old stuff that would still hold up today... so use it. Drop me a line.
Kitty Porteous of Langley, British Columbia, Canada
I love your new CD cheers!
Bob of Denton, Texas, USA
When will 3 AM be available in the states?
Terry Costa of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi there, where can i find a copy of the play Joe's Cafe written by Wyckham? thanks
Tom Douglas of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Purchased 3 AM at the Sylvia Tyson concert last night. Have listened to Young Man Walking several times today and can't get it out of my mind. Simply a stunning work! Best
Bruce Stewart of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyckham, You were a great friend to me back in jr. high in White Rock. I'd lost track of you after we moved away, but recently became aware of your music. I knew that you had creative genius within you. Great work. I'd love to hear you "live" if you came through this way.
Steve Hill of Chichester, West Sussex, UK
Thanks for the gig in Fishbourne UK Wyckham, hope to see you here again. I play your latest album all the time.
Ben Lambert of Warwick, Britain
Many thanks for the copy of the new record, enjoying it lots as did JC when I played it to him. Great to meet on Sunday and sorry you only got to play 2 songs (which I missed) as I was ensconced in smokers corner. Do drop me a line back and the best of luck with the remaining dates over here. PS - Zurich was very corporate, ho-hum!
Massimo Ferro of Alessandria, Italy
Hi Wickham, I suppose you don't remember my name and face but some years ago I arranged a gig for you and Myk Gordon here in my town. I got a copy of your latest album from Legs Indiscreet and I'm playing it on my radio show here. 3 AM is a very fine album and "Ancient Highway" one of the best songs I heard in recent times! All the best from Italy, Massimo
Bob Foster of Edinburgh, Scotland
Disappointed to see there are no Scottish dates on your latest tour to the UK. You'd be a sensation at next years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Steve - PHD Canada of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Michael just sent me a copy of the new album. A stunning piece of work Wyckham. I hope the UK and Ireland tour goes well. Have a decent pint of beer for me will you?
Michael Burke of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Happy Birthday -- hope the year is a super one for you.
Mike Porteous of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hello Wyckham this is your second cousin.... eldest son of Bruce Porteous...i too have chosen to dedicate my life to music and i am proud to share the same kind of passion for it as you do...Brian Porteous my youngest brother also plays music in your home stomping grounds of Vancouver hope to hear from you Wyckham and good luck on your upcoming tour dates over seas I AM PROUD OF YOU
Anne and Dan of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
We would love to see you in Duncan at Providence Farm, but can't find enough info, is there a web site that you could send us to with more info. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you August 12 :-)
Cindy of British Columbia, Canada
Wyckham did you ever attend Malaspina College in Nanaimo
Jim of London, UK
Could someone please put "Please Please Me" on KazzaLite? I am having withdrawal symptoms since hearing it on Radio 2! Obv, I will buy the album, when it comes out.
Pete Armstrong of Beverley, UK
Thank You ,Thank You ,Thank You , just downloaded Please Please Me c/o Virgin from the link on the Guest Book .Must be the easiest record to plug for many years - just needs a smart video to go with it ! Pete
Alison Porteous of Scarborough, Great Britain
Gosh a talented musician in the clan!!!! daughter Porteous by blood myself by marriage, am loving the music discovered via a pal who says you have a lovely dark brown voice, and i have to say I agree. Please let your UK audience know when you are visiting our shores.. Alison and Freyia Porteous
David Watmuff of Bristol, UK
Please Please Me ...Fantastic.
Zoe Fordham of Middlesbrough, England
Heard you on BBC Radio 2 in England. I thought your version of Please, Please Me by Lennon & McCartney was great.
Michael Moran of Co. Clare, Ireland
Bob Harris just played Please Please Me on Radio 2. Man that song is very special, ...please make it available. Thanks in advance!!!
Ed: check www.pleasepleaseme.info...
Geo of Glasgow, Scotland UK
Just heard Please Please Me on the Bob Harris show on Radio 1 and had to visit this site to say how much I loved this version of the song. What a fantastic voice and, well done! Looking forward to the album and will no doubt see you in concert soon WP! Come on over to the UK.... 'Amazing musician you are man! CIAO! Geo.
Colin Kadey of Langley, British Columbia, Canada
i think i finally saw you the other night opening for paul hyde & robbie steininger. how very cool it all was. i've been hearing your music & plays on cbc for years, & it was awesome to finally see you live. if it WAS you...? because you weren't on the bill or introduced. why do you do that? i do it too! c.w.
Addy Nijenboer of Zwolle, Netherlands
A new cd in Juni Can't wait
James Scott of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
sexandrinking-your words & music reasonate and your voice is fantastic. Would you or anyone else help me locate a copy of Streets Where You Live (limited edition). I lost my only copy and it is my favourite cd. "Love is everything, It's so easy" constantly invades my thoughts. Thank-you James
Wyckham of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The CD is ready and waiting for the most oportune time for release. Pinnacle is distributing. Single should be out shortly. Looking forward to seeing you all in the UK soon. wyckham
Rodney of England
Begining of Febuary now any sign of the cd
Bob Foster of Edinburgh, Scotland
New fan waiting expectantly for release of Please Please Me. Only heard it once on Radio 2 and can't get it out of my head.Best compliment I can pay is that it's better than the original!!Why the delay? Amazed by the quality of tracks on Sexanddrinking. Where have you been hiding all these years?
John Wright of West of Denman, British Columbia, Canada
-following up on our conversation on the Drive- keep me posted on your gigs at the Crescent Legion
Peter Haynes of Southampton, England
I was just about to send you an email, to tell you what a oppunity you have wasted in England. When i read your note re the new cd etc. Looking forward to hearing more of you and maybe seeing live.
wyckham of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
it looks like the new disc will be out in the UK in the middle of January. Barring unforseen blockages I hope the patience you have all shown will be rewarded when you listen to what I immodestly think is a fantastic and exceptional grouping of songs. keep your eyes and ears out for opportunities to get sneak peaks and other surprises in the next eight weeks or so. I look forward to seeing you and yours when we tour in the New Year. thanks and see ya, wyckham
Sarah Beth of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I've been listening to your music- I heard a song called Jimmy Lafave on galaxie radio and really enjoyed it. Any Calgary dates upcoming?
Dave Sayer of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Wyck, I just saw in this morning's paper that you're finally coming to Vernon. Unfortunately, I'm in London that week. Figures. Nice to have seen you in Barkerville, but would have been nicer if you and John could have stayed longer. Best of luck with your show. Dave
Dennis Taylor of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Wyck, Lets do dinner when your in town. I got some fine Okanagan wine.
Lisa of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi I was a member of the Katimavik group in Wells, just thought I would write and say Hi , hope things are going great, tried to order in your CD at a cd store down here with no luck getting it so far. you should think bout doing some shhows on the East coast, Your music would do really well on the East coast I think.
Chris Yates of Manchester, United Kingdom
Had the great pleasure of hearing your track Please, Please Me, for the last 3 Saturdays on Mark Lamarr's radio show. When will the album/track be available in the UK? It was almost as if Lennon was there with you.
Terry Leach of Wakefield, UK
Heard your version of Please Please Me on BBC Radio 2 quite a while ago just could not get it out of my mind. I have been trying to track it down, and I now learn that it is not available on CD, shame. It's not often Beatles covers are better than the original.
PLEASED of Glasgow, Scotland
Maggie Heno of Cheshire, UK
John Cubitt of Brundall, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
This is ridiculous. Send a copy of Please Please Me to the mighty Terry Wogan. It MUST be released & NOW!If he can't get it sorted, nobody can. Marl Lamarr just isn't trying hard enough.
Terri Philp of Colchester, UK
Add me to the list. I too would like to get hold of the Wyckham Porteous version of Please Please Me. His voice caught my attention this morning oozing out of my radio. Need to get hold of some of his music, this track in particular.
Clyde Black of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Just to say, I heard the version of The Beatles `Please Please Me' on Mark Lamarr's Radio 2 morning show today here in the UK & thought it was the best thing I'd heard in a long, long time ! This has just somehow got to be released as a single!! All the Best !
Tony of East of England, UK
Hi Wyckham , just heard you rendition of Please please me , I was really moved ,Please please me and everyone who loves good good music and get it on general release...it will chart, good luck and keep on doing it...
Jan Frost of Stockton-on-Tees, England
Just heard 'Please Please Me' on Mark Lamar's show on Radio One, what a fantastic version of the old Beatles track.Is it on CD,? is the CD available in the UK?. It's definately a must have.!!!!
John Mills of London, ENGLAND
Hi Wyckham, Do you wanna been a Star the UK? .... Just release "Please Please Me" To present a early Beatles song the way you have touches the hearts of people in England, But you just can't got hold of this recording!
Mighty Mike of Southern Buckinghamshire, England Southern Buckin
Just heard Please Please Me on Radio 2. Where can I get a copy? Mighty
Mark Sacre of Peterborough, UK
Spooky - Just checking to see if there is any news on 'please, please me' and it started playing on the radio. Mark Lamar seems to play this every time he stands in for Jonathan Ross on radio 2. Shame you can't buy it !! The chat after the recording finished quoted this site and the huge response here and directly to Lamar.
KERRY KRISHNA of PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia, Canada
Bob Bailey of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
Wyckham...Just finished working at the Dawson City Music Festival and I have to find the song you sang at the Pot Luck...."Come to the Family Reunion". Is it one of yours? Thanks for sharing such great music!
Glenn Fukunaga of Austin, Texas, USA
Hey Wyckham, Coming to play the Vancouver Fest in July with Ray Wylie, Eliza and Ruthie. Checking to see if you'll be there. Aloha, Glenn
Brian Spearman of Newcastle, England
Would love to get a copy of please please me.......please please tell me how. Cheers Brian
Dale of Delta, British Columbia, Canada
May 27th at the Crescent Beach Legion, 8 pm with Abra Moore. Details at http://www.whiterockartscouncil.com/special_events.php?do=event&id=14
Melinda Russell of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I would love to go to the Crescent Beach Legion to hear Wyckham on the 27th, but it doesn't tell where it is or what time. Can't get a listing for the Crescent Beach Legion to call them. Can you help? I'd love to take in the show! Melinda
Ron of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada Cranbrook, Br
Hi John, We both remember Cordova Bay Elementary, as I am sure we both were in Mrs. Smiths class. Skip to White Rock and all the friends you made there. I hope you attend ..... we are all running past the half full mark of our life now. I have always been a friend of yours, let enough a fan. Remember Ms. Moyen and your solo at Mount Douglas. Contact either myself at abbey_hoffman68@hotmail.com or Sandy Cooper. Semi 66 year reunion is on the 22 April 06. Hope to hear from you. Ron Eves-Taylor
Daphne of Melbourne, Australia
Hey Wyckham, So it turns out I am a liar after all. Shoot I'm sorry, it was such a great premise though no? SXSW was just crazy and my eyes and ears were fulled up as the days drew on. I'm still travelling - in California now - and back home in April. It was just grand to meet you and talk the night away. Drop me a line. Daphne.
Doug Mitchell of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada Cranbrook, Br
Wyckham, I enjoyed 'Looking For Ground' so much I gave it to a friend two years ago. I have tried to buy another copy but no luck. I finally ordered it through A & B Sound in Lethbridge. Too bad your music isn't carried by stores. How about a tour to the 'BC interior".
Chris of London, England
Thanks for reading this Wyckham. I'm hoping one of your surprises includes a UK tour - particularly a set at the Beautiful Days festival in Devon in August.
Bill Burgess of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Still waiting to hear if and when Please Please Me will be released. What was wrong with the version played on BBC?
Chris of Tunbridge Wells, England
Hi Just thought you'd like to know that Please Please Me was played at least once over the Christmas break by Bob Harris on Radio 2 on the BBC. I adore sexanddrinking, any chance of another album or a visit to England?
Steve of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Just the other day I was thinking of my favorite relief staff in the group home I was in-Luther house in new west. I don't know if you remember me but you will always be on my list of good memories (showing me stuff on the guitar). You're a good man and I'm glad to see your success!
Wyckham of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Just to let all of you know. I am very pleased that the song Please Please mMe has generated so much interest. We are working hard at getting a release asap. I will be letting you all know as soon as we do. In the meanwhile watch for tour announcements and other surprises. A good and grand season to all!
Pete Armstrong of Beverley, UK
Who's fooling who? Bob Harris now has the track Please Please Me and has played it, so it is available! This was an obvious hit if picked up on early, as most people on this site would agree. Does Wyckham actually read this Guest Book? Pete
Ed: There is work going on to release the track and associated album in the new year. There is no guarantee on the timing at this stage, but work is being done. Final answer... yes, Wyckham does read this guest book and he takes the comments seriously.
Chris Borges of London, UK
Please Please Me was played again on the Bob Harris Saturday shoe on Radio 2 November 26. Second time I've heard it and it still stops me in my tracks. After the first time in September the Radio 2 website said it was a "private tape." Bob Harris said that the album it's gong to be on will be out next year. Lennon knows if any of this is true but I think we should be put out our misery. Rush it out as a Christmas single. Please.
Tony Copple of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Wyckham: if you e-mail me an MP3 of Please Please Me I'll play it on our weekly radio show Window of Opportunity, and review it up on the Ottawa Beatles Site. My sister in England has heard it on BBC and loves it.
Len Osland of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ca
Hey, Wick. How's tricks? Just was listening to Jimmy LaFave's new cd and got to thinking of you for some reason. When's the next monolith coming out? Keep me posted and keep your stick on the ice. If you're coming this way, let me know. Len
Somebody in Canada of
Tom Waits only better!
Britt of Lincs, UK
Me again. I've begged a radio station to play Please Please Me, but they couldn't, as the record hasn't been released. So how did Radio 2 get it I wonder? Still no word of how to hear it again... are you teasing us poor Brits????
Cathy of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
My sister is raving about Please Please Me, any chance of getting air play in Aus? Or do I have to get Carole to send me the CD and blackmail the local station?
Mark Pearce of Douglas, Isle Of Man
Would love to get a download of Please Please Me, Is there any reason why you cannot download individual songs especially this one?
Taylor Whiteside of Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA
Hello Mr. Porteous, I have been trying to track down a song that goes something like "Darlin' Would You Walk With Me To Glory" that I heard half of once on a folk station in Boston. On the napkin where I had the song fragment written, I had also written "Wickham Parches". After many trials of different spellings I found your website. Do you do that song and if so, bravo and where can I find it? An older folksinger.
ED: the song in question is Glory and it can be found on on Wyckham's Looking for Ground CD. You can find a copy, I believe at www.lonestarmusic.com. The CD is out of print in Canada.
Mary McCann of Blackpool, England
Been trying to track down who did the arrangement of Please Please Me for weeks. Disapointed its not available at the moment. Please please me and release it soon!
James Pickett of Isle of Wight, UK
I'd like to know how to get it, too! It's all very well for the Editor to say I might like his other stuff, but what we're after is Please Please Me. Mark Lamarr's got it, after all... :-)
Veronica Ryan of London, England London, England London, Englan
Where can I buy Please Please Me by Wyckham Porteous?
Pete James of Bristol, UK
Heard your version of Please Please Me on Radio 2 and thought it was great. Keep up the good work. If you're looking for a venue to play in the UK, St.Bonaventure's in Bristol has a very good atmosphere. Pete
Peter Fenner of Windsor, United Kingdom
The first I heard of Wyckham was on Saturday when I was bowled over by the version of Please Please Me which Mark Lamarr played on BBC Radio 2. It was one of those rare moments when I was praying they would tell me the artist because I loved it so much, but when Mark said the name I couldn't decipher it. A lady at the BBC has since told me and I'm disappointed that it is not availble anywhere in the UK. What I love most about the totally original attack on the song and the bhangra/sitar thing going on in the middle, which takes you straight to Beatles 1967. He should do an album of Beatles covers if he can keep this originality up. Wonderful stuff. Please let us all know when it is released in UK.
Tom Allan of Glasgow, Scotland
Stunning version of Please Please Me. Looking forward to hearing more, and your up-coming UK tour (surely?)
Sue Johns of Norwich, UK
Hi! Like so many others in the UK I've got Mark Lamar to thanks for being introduced to your music, Please, please me haunts me with its beauty and simueltaneously taunts me with its unavilability! Please put us out of our misery. [By the way, my first ever trip abroad was to Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo - I fell deeply and madly in love with the country!]
Lucia Lawson of London, England
Had the great pleasure of hearing your track Please, Please Me, for the last 3 Saturdays on Mark Lamarr's radio show. When will the album/track be available in the UK?
Alan Povey of Wirral, United Kingdom
I live on Merseyside and saw the Beatles in their hay day. Your interpretation of Please, Please Me is one of the few times that they have been improved on. As with other UK guests I look forward to it's release and to catch up with your other work.
Jules Young of Cambridge, UK
Just adding my voice to the calls for a release of Please Please Me. Send me a link when it comes out to where I can get it.
Chrissy of Guilford, Surrey, England
3 weeks running on BBC Radio 2. What a joy to hear such a great version of Please Please Me. If the rest of the album is as good I shall look forward to owning a copy. When will it be available here?
Kerry of Wells, British Columbia, Canada
Wyckham! You disappeared without goodbye. Sorry I missed you! Email me?
Steve of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
Does anyone know how to get hold of a copy of Please Please Me or any Cds - they are not to be found anywhere in the UK. If you know where to download them, I would be grateful if you would let me know.
[Ed: Currently (as of September 4th) the ablum on which Please, Please Me will appear has not been released anywhere. However, if you are interested in Wyckham's material, you can purchase this at shop.cordovabay.com or you can order sexanddrinking at any store in the UK or Ireland and it will be quickly delivered through Pinnacle Distribution (or directly from their web site). It can also be purchased on the Internet from Amazon.co.uk or HMV or any number of other web-stores.]
David Dunn of London, UK
Like many people I was bowled over by your version of Please, Please Me. It's incredible. How can I get it? Regards David
Colin of Washington, UK
Great recording of Please Please Me played on BBC radio. How do I get a copy? I have since listened to your CD's, great music. Looking forward to a European visit.
Ron Eves of On the third planet, Canada
Hi Wyckham, How are you and your family doing? Life for me has been what you have probably thought. Are there any new releases planned by you... Are you playing live soon let me know by e-mail. Best wishes, Ron
Scott Parsons of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Hi Wyckham, I just heard one of your songs on CBC here in PEI.Nice tune, glad to hear you are still at it. I am still at it myself! How are you - I do miss the west coast. My website is www.scottparsons.net Write a note when you get a chance. Scott
Roy Cragg of England
You are being played on the radio in the UK. Give us a clue how do we buy your CD!!!
Matthew Martin of Belfast, Northern Ireland
Same as above -- want to hear more of your stuff -- but the cover of Please PLease Me must be found -- where is it? It's not even a cover, it's a whole new entity. Brilliant.
Andy Hunt of London, UK
Your version of Please Please Me is driving me nuts! I love it, but can't get it anywhere. Can you help? Please please me Wyckham. Andy.
Helen of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Have just heard `Please Please Me' on BBC Radio 2 - Jonathon Ross Show. I loved it. Is it available to buy? (or download!)
Britt Bevis of Lincoln, UK
Please Please Me, stopped me dead in my tracks - must hear it again, but when and how?
Carole of Derbyshire, England
Please, please me, and do and please release 'Please , Please Me do'
Stevie of Scotland, UK
I am a music agent/manager who also writes and reviews for several media publications. Wyckham, you seriously want to consider releasing your version of 'Please, Please Me' in the UK. Less than a handful of plays on Radio 2 has obviously generated quite a bit of interest so strike while the iron is HOT! All the best.
Duncan Joseph of Norwich, United Kingdom
Have just been introduced to your recorings by DJ Mark Lamar on national Radio 2 playing A cover of "Please Please Me". I am interested to hear more but particularly keen to get hold of a recording of this track. How might I do so. Thanks a lot, Duncan.
Rodney Ralph of Midhurst, England
Has any one yet discoverd how we can get a copy of Please Please Me?
Herbie Fellowes of Glascow, Scotland
Hi Wyckham I recently heard you sing a version of the Beatles Please Please Me and I loved it. Could please tell me how I can obtain a copy? Cheers !!!!!
Shane W. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ah, the tragedy of it all. I am ashamed to say that I had never heard the name Wyckham Porteous (and a fine name it is) until I happened to catch the greatest Beatles cover I had ever heard on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC 2, over the internet, little realising that this artist was a product of our own left coast. Isn't that an appalling indictment of this country's disregard for its artistic treasures. Here in Edmonton, we have Bill Bourne, Stewart MacDougall, and the Rault Brothers, all friends and neighbours of mine, all musical giants, and all totally neglected by local media, with the exception of the CBC, who spin Bill's CDs occasionally. Anyway, I digress. Congratulations on being picked up by British radio, and I hope it serves you well. I look forward to hearing the CD, and hopefully we will be seeing you in Edmonton sometime when the weather is agreeable :) All the best.
Pete Armstrong of Beverley, United Kingdom
After much research, I realised that Mark Lamar is standing in again for Jonathan Ross. He's really plugging this record, but says its not available, no record deal done yet. BBC Radio 2 web sight lists it as "Private Tape" on the Whitelabel suppose you could record it from there. Apparently Wyckham has been in touch with the show - last played 20th Aug. Pete .
Ann Williams of Oxford, United Kingdom
Same as all the other recent questions! Please please me ... FANTASTIC, MAGIC ... how can we get it?
Peter Haynes of Southampton, England
Like the others heard you song on BBC 2 the other week. It stopped me in my tracks. Not many songs have done that to me over the years. We are told we may be able to download it, but where, and yes hope you release it in the UK. I have family in Surrey near Vancouver could they get it for me over thier? Next time I visit them, I will look out and try and catch you live.
Geoffrey Mees of Essex, England
Please please me played on Radio 2 UK today, by Mark Lamarr, on the Jonathan Ross Show. Please advise where, and how, I can purchase the album this wonderful track comes from. Great singer, need to know more. Many thanks in advance, Geoffrey.
Gordon M. Porteous of Biggar, United Kingdom
Hi... Just heard a track of yours played on BBC Radio 2 here in the UK which I enjoyed and since we both possess the same surname I was wondering where I can get a copy of your CD
Mark of United Kingdom
Seems like no on here is getting a reply but - same question as before, version of Please Please Me very good, when is it coming out? (Posted on 18th August 2005)
Pete Armstrong of Beverley, United Kingdom
Your cover version of Please Please Me is fantastic but from which album? It's been played over here on the radio the track listing gives it as Private Tape but a search comes to nothing. Is it available on any album over here?
Pete Kelly of London, England
I've only heard your voice once and I really like it and love the arrangement of the Beatle song. Is there an album out is it available over here in the UK?
Alan Fowler of Farnham, Surrey, England
I watched the film War Bride a couple of times. Your songs were exceptional. Can you let me know if they are all on one CD? Thanks
Dale Picketts of Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyck, Thanks so much for an amazing performance at the Cambodia Support Group benefit concert last night. Allie thought your music was so cool, and she was particularly impressed that you actually had people singing along. (Considering a lot of the audience would be more accustomed to sitting quietly listening to Beethoven sonatas, it was quite an accomplishment.) She also thought it was pretty funny that you blamed me for where you are today, ha ha. And thanks again so much for your thoughtful words about the cause. You are a very giving person and we are so grateful. Thanks old buddy. Dale
Wally Landreth of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Wyck,Its been too long,and we must chat. I spent way too much time on the coast a couple of years back, and I couldn't find you. Rank strangers and all that rot. But here you are in my new computer.My first,and suddenly the sun is shining under my rock.Oh yeah, I got the money I owe you!!! Love Wally Landreth
Wyckham Porteous of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
It is with sadness that I mark the passing of broadcaster David Grierson. David will be remembered by the music community of British Columbia for his support and the respect he has shown to songwriters throughout his career. You will be missed. To David's family, the hope that his compassion and humor will help you through this most difficult time. Wyckham Porteous
Doug Thordarson of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hello Wyckham, its great that you're doing that benefit. Call or e-mail me and let me know more about it.
David Porteous of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hey, I must say that I really love your stuff. My father purchased your CD a long time ago because of the same name, but man were we glad when we listened to it! Feel free to check out some of my stuff too: www.davidmusic.ca Cheers and thanks for the inspiring music! - David
Sandy Cooper of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Wyck, Congratulations on all your amazing success. Semi 30th Grad reunion(I know, groan) but it would be great to see you. Sept. 10,11. E-mail if you would like info. Looking for Rob Towers and anyone else you can think of. best, S.
Christine Richard of Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA
Hi Wyckham, I am looking for information on how to order, what I believe must be your 1989 album. It has songs on it like "They Say This Wall is a Beach", and one about "...a hurricane in Patricia". Is this the 1989 album? I used to listen to it endlessly when I lived in Vancouver. It would sure make me feel homey to hear it here in New Hampshire. Love your music!!
Bob Spittal of Fife, Scotland
Greetings... Looking for Ground has been a favourite album for years. Trying to spread the word. Will be getting sexanddrinking - sure it will be great! Cheers... Any plans to do any gigs in Scotland soon??
Sherri of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
OK --- Wyckham....you MUST come back and do some gigs in Whitehorse....pleaseeeeee
Jacques Spiry of Lyon, France
Hello, A long time ago I tried to keep in touch with you. I am a radio DJ working on a national radio network in France. I am still completly fan of your album Looking For Ground. Still broadcast in my shows. I need more info about your discography, and I would like to give airplay on your last one. Hoping to have more news about you. Be sure your music is timeless. I am just moving in my new apartment; you're the first Cd turning and it's good for the moral... All the best. Peace Jacques
André of Dublin, Ireland
Hello Wyckham, I have two questions: (1) Can we buy the new cd in Europe? I reckon it is hard to get. (2) and, when are you planning to come to Europe!! Regards, André - Ed: sexanddrinking is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland. If your local shop does not have it in stock, they should be able to get a copy through the Distributor (Pinnacle) in 48 hours.
Jon Bathmaker of Rockwood, Ontario, Canada
Hi Wyckham; Glad to see that you're career is doing well. I enjoyed Joe's Cafe (and did in many enjoyable Kambusas at the original). Your first CD has helped me enjoy multiple long drives between my various gigs in the Excited States and Ontari-ari-o. I have been wanting to find out what "your hips that move like NRA boutiques" ??? from "Are We Not Young Enough?" refers to. Please drop me a line and enlighten me. Thanks, Jon Bathmaker
Dale Millward of Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyck, it's great to hear that you're doing so well. Remember jamming with Rob Towers and the gang in 1972-73? Glad you never stopped singing....
Lakeside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I have feasted on the sights, sounds, soul and humanity of 50 countries. Last night BRAVO introduced me to WP..S&DNow I can release my self to a new voice. Cheers WP and thanks.
Holly Lynch of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi- it's great to see how well you're doing. I still have the ring.
Babara Porteous of Oliver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi... Sounds like you are doing great!
Bruce Cornelius of Tasmania, Australia (down under)
Gday Wyckham! You are a bent unit shit hot. Good to hear someone doin their real life shit. I got the cd from John Ward @ Only Blues Music in oz. Keep up the good work. Check out our website petecornelius.8k.com. See ya here one day.
Bluesbarn Promotions / Gerrit Klaassen of Nieuweschans, Netherlands
Miles Durrie of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hey Wyck: I don't know if you'll remember me from the Nanaimo days -- I was in the Vacant Lot with Niels and Gerrit Swart and Peter Culley, and used to hang with you and your band quite a bit. I've followed your career closely (and vicariously, which is not to imply envy or anything like that!) over the many intervening years, and just wanted to say hello, congratulations, love. Cheers, Miles
Ron Eves - Taylor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi Wyckham, You are doing not only what you love but you are also sharing it with others. Your causes are that of a good artist. I remember when you orginized our school walk out when you were school president based soley on solid principals. I hope that you can take the time from your busy day, as I would like to share an e-mail or two with you. I have bought all your releases and keep enjoying your outstanding talent. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Alastair P. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
sexanddrinking WOW! A great album from a great song writer. Would love to see you play in Edmonton. I hope it happens soon.
Elmer of Enschede, the Netherlands
Hey Wickham, through my lifelong love for Jimmy LaFave I came in touch with your album Looking for Ground. Great voice, great songs, great album. Favourite song Please Do Not Call Me. Keep up the good work. thx for your great music... Greetings Gerrit
Michael Burke of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Hey Wyck... congratulations on your nominations for this year's West Coast Music Awards. Best of luck from everyone at Cordova Bay...
Barb Ebisch of Helden, Netherlands
Hello... Jan Janssen (Real Roots Radio) told me you are planning to come over to the Netherlands for some shows. Maybe I can help. If you want, contact me. Thanks... Bart Ebisch alt country nl
Lee Zimmerman of Miami, Florida, USA
Cal of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Wyck, Just sayin' hi. Hope you're well. Say hi to Kitty for me. An old friend.
Big Al and Evi of Poco, British Columbia, Canada
G'day Porteous, had such a great time at the Summer Sendoff Bash (Jeff& LongJohn), that I forgot to grab a cd. Do drop a line and plan to come visit us, you have to sign a disc of course...We'll do the island thang... CHEERS, Al&Ev
Dawn of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I have heard the name Wyckham Porteous a million times and never actually been to a show. NOW, I am quite sorry that I didn't just go. I saw you tonight at the Cultch with The Waifs. Brilliant. Fantastic. I bought sexanddrinking at intermission. I am listening to it now and it's something else. Thanks!
Addy Nijenboer of Zwolle, Netherlands
Wyckham: I tried to contact you after your e-mail from a few months back, but something went wrong. Looking out for your new CD. Listening to your other works I expect this must be another great one! Addy


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